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Topkote Reglazing

ISI Bathroom Systems is the ONLY authorized Canadian Topkote distributor!

Get Your Topkote Essentials From ISI Bathroom Systems

The TOPKOTE™ REGLAZING Start-up Kit is specifically designed for professional reglazers by reglazers! It can be ordered as the original UR or Low VOC formulas. It includes: 
  • Topkote Tub & Tile:  a safe and quick cleaner
  • Crosslink III: an effective and proprietary adhesive 
  • Topkote Glaze: a durable and glossy Acrylic Urethane coating 
  • Topkote Glaze Activator: designed to reduce drying times
  • Topkote Glaze Reducer: used to obtain desired sprayability
Unlike many of our competitors’ products, no acid etching is needed. Our system is easy to learn, fast to use, and more reliable than the competition.
We are pleased to offer the professional reglazer a solution that makes their job safer, easier, and more profitable. Our goal is to save you time and money on each job with our proven system!
Start Up UR Kit

Topkote Tub & Tile

Topkote Tub & Tile Cleaner is a superior cleaning solution that kills bacteria and breaks down dirt and oils.

It chemically breaks down grease and oil and loosens dirt from the pores of worn tub surfaces.

Topkote Tub and Tile cleaner

Crosslink III

Topkote’s Crosslink Adhesive is an adhesion promoter that can be used over all tub and tile surfaces, including fiberglass and acrylic, to eliminate the need for etching.

Our proprietary adhesive has an excellent record in even the toughest of bathroom conditions!

Topkote Crosslink III Adhesive

Topkote Glaze

A superior, high performance acrylic urethane system designed specifically for bathtub, tile, and sink refinishing.

UR Glaze is extremely durable and maintains gloss and colour retention.

UR Hi-Gloss Glaze Pure White

Topkote Low VOC Glaze

Our low VOC glaze achieves the same high quality finish and durability with fewer volatile organic compounds.

This glaze is designed for use in bathroom refinishing projects.

Topkote Low Voc Glaze Clear

Topkote Glaze Activator

The Topkote Glaze Activator combined with Topkote Glaze and Reducer provides a durable high gloss coating on refinished surfaces.

It is the only choice our Topkote professionals use to refinish bathtubs, sinks, and tiles.

Topkote UR Activator

Topkote Accelerator

You can get more jobs done faster with our 4 Hour Dust-Dry Accelerator!

Mix the appropriate proportions of Accelerator with the Topkote Glaze and Activator and watch your projects get done quicker.

Topkote UR Accelerator

TopKote Reducer

UR Reducer works with our UR Glazing system. It is used to reduce the mixed glaze to obtain the desired consistency for spraying.

Topkote Reducer

Topkote Roll-A-Glaze

With Topkote Roll-A-Glaze you are able to turn your coating into an efficient brush/roll system! You are able to minimize overspray and maximize flow, saving you time and money!

Topkote Roll A Glaze

Topkote Fish Eye Eliminator

 Use Topkote’s Fish Eye Eliminator to help solve the problem of fish eye contamination from hard to spot surface contaminates. Use this to ensure a smooth finish on every job.

Fisheye Eliminator

Topkote Preval Spray Gun

With this spray gun time consuming spot repairs will be a thing of the past! Quickly and seamlessly make unsightly chips and scratches look as if they were never there.

Preval Spray Gun

Topkote Preval Power Unit

This is a small sprayer with big results! It is designed to spray solutions with different levels of viscosity to help you with all of your refinishing needs. It offers a maximum spray of 50PSI for a smooth finish.

Preval Power Sprayer

Topkote Cross Check

Cross Check concentrated optical indicator is designed for use with Crosslink III for wipe-on or spray-on application. Cross Check enhances the visibility of Crosslink and reduces the possibility of uneven applications.

Topkote Cross Check